the story of Holy Moly

Why Holy Moly?    

It was really hard to find a natural skincare product with cool packaging for your teen.  That’s it in a nutshell.  When Founder, Lou Harvey started looking for something to buy my teen daughter, she just couldn’t find anything I liked.  Which is really where it all started.   It is that simple.  

Often great ideas come from Mum Entrepreneur moments and Holy Moly is one of them. Lou feels super fortunate to be able to bring Holy Moly to tweens, teens and parents.  She knows that if she was stuck on what to do for her teen daughter, Greta then lots of others would be in the place.

And why the name Holy Moly? It is a awesome combo of words to add into your everyday vocab (give it a go).  Holy Moly can be used to show that you think something is surprising, shocking or impressive, like Holy Moly this skincare rocks.  We use it all the time!

Why Tweens and Teens Skincare?

Well, when you are a tween or teen things start to change, like getting a few pimples.  We want teens to have one less thing to worry about.  Pimples are annoying.  We believe that natural plant-powered skincare products are the best way to help with their skin changes.  We’ve made it super easy to start routines with our natural product range.  

Other important bits we are proud of:

1/ Holy Moly is made using awesome plant powered New Zealand ingredients, like Manuka and Kawakawa that help reduce redness, pimples and inflammation.

2/ Holy Moly is made in New Zealand, with a collaborative team to make small batches of our range, and make sure everything is just right.

3/ Holy Moly is super passionate and believe that you need to be who you are and follow your own trends.  Being a teenager is when you create lifelong friendships, habits and passions.  It is an exciting and challenging time of your life to navigate. We want to empower tweens and teens to be who they are. 

4/ At Holy Moly we are super aware of the environment and are trying our best to use sustainable and recyclable product packaging.  We use glass where we can and eco-friendly packaging to send your purchases to you.  Our thinking is that ever bit helps, and we will keep on trying hard to make sure we get better in this space – after all, it is really important for our future.

This list could keep on going on... but that is a bit of info on us for you.