What's inside

It's what's on the inside that counts, right?

We think simple is good, and everything should have a reason for being there in our products. Using a whole lot of ingredients either as fillers or in teeny tiny levels that won't do anything is just a waste of nature's precious resources. We've worked with local formulators to make sure that our products include everything you need - and nothing you don't.

Plants are nature's original first aid kit and our first 'go-to' to help your skin be awesome. In our products you will see local superplants like manuka and kawakawa, local bush and manuka honey, and a few others we had to go a bit further to find like jojoba oil from South America and tea tree oil from Australia. 

nature's ingredients

Jojoba oil mimics our skin's natural oils and is naturally rich in vitamin A, D & E to help skin cells regenerate. It is naturally gentle and non-irritating so its perfect for basically every skin type; to rebalance oily skin, soothe sensitive skin and hydrate dry skin. PS its pronounced 'ho-ho-ba' #alwayslearning

Tea tree oil is the classic zit-buster and a cousin to the NZ manuka oil. They  work like partners-in-crime to clear up blemishes and skin problems. 

Manuka oil  A secret super-oil from the manuka leaf (the same plant we get awesome manuka honey from), it is steam distilled which is a pure way to release the powerful healing oil. Scientific testing has shown manuka oil to be up to 30x more effective than tea tree as an antibacterial, and it works quickly to reduce redness and irritations.

Kawakawa extract   This little beauty can help with numerous conditions including dry irritated skin, minor cuts and infections. Its our home-grown native helper that you can find in the bush all round the country.

Plant Hydrosols  are steam or water distilled from plants and herbs including cucumber, watermelon, manuka leaf; a hydrosol contains the essential oils in a lower concentration and are ideal for hydrating skin and cooling irritated skin. 

Witch hazel great to help tone and re-balance your skin as well and is one of the core ingredients in our blemish toners. when you find something that works, you run with it.