Holy Moly

Simple Routine Combo


Our simple routine pack brings together the easiest 3-steps including face wash, toner spray and blemish gel. With manuka and tea tree oil to tackle red blemishes and general skin hassles, these products are designed to work together to get your skin under control. 

* Face wash - a lightly foaming gel face wash that is super for every day with manuka honey, tea tree and Kawakawa oils to help clean your skin

* Toner spray - just spray and walk away (well, nearly) and ideal for using not only on your face, but also if you get breakouts on your chest or back. Made from a combination of plant-based hydrosols and essential oils to hydrate and target annoying skin problems.

* Moisturiser Gel- Aloe vera gel base combined witch hazel plus tea tree, evening primrose and manuka essential oils to soothe, tackle blemishes and hydrate your skin. 

Formulated for teen skin.