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Giving Back with Holy Moly

Giving Back with Holy Moly

For the past few years, I've had a blast participating in the Graeme Dingle Foundation's 'Futureopoly' careers event. It's such a cool, interactive experience where students dive into different industry sectors, chat with local businesses, and earn stickers for prizes by engaging in activities.

Here's why I love being part of it:

  1. Introducing students to marketing and selling products is so rewarding. This year, we focused on the Unique Selling Point (USP)—super fun!
  2. Encouraging students to think about startups is always exciting. Some even had their own side hustles and were eager to share their stories and learn more.
  3. Getting feedback on the Holy Moly range was a bonus and invaluable. Asking students to pinpoint the USP for Holy Moly helped some come out of their shells, while others jumped right in. Teens are just amazing and unique! And a bit goofy sometimes... whilst being entertaining.
  4. It's awesome to give back with your time and knowledge and hopefully make a difference!

I also noticed many teens don't use any skincare products—just water or body soap, if anything. It was heartwarming to see some students already aware of maintaining proper pH levels on their faces. How cool is that?

Big shoutout to the Graeme Dingle Foundation in Hawke's Bay for doing an outstanding job with our tamariki. Ka pai!

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