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Why Ingredients are Important

Why Ingredients are Important

There are a few super duper amazing ingredients that we would love to shout out about today. By doing so we think it is a great way to educate you on the ingredients:

tea tree oil    the classic anti-zit oil that comes from the Australian tea tree and is a staple in killing bugs on your skin. Its a cousin to the NZ manuka oil and they work like partners-in-crime to clear up blemishes and skin problems. 

manuka oil  a secret super-oil from the manuka leaf (the same plant we get awesome manuka honey from), it is steam distilled which is a pure way to release the powerful healing oil. scientific testing has shown manuka oil to be up to 30x more effective than tea tree as an antibacterial, and it works quickly to reduce redness and irritations.

kawakawa oil   this little beauty can help with numerous conditions including, helping reduce bruises, dry irritated skin, minor cuts and infections. Its our home-grown native helper that you can find in the bush all round the country.

watermelon seeds good to eat and good for your skin.  the magnesium in the seeds can help improve your skin’s overall appearance, reduce acne and treat other skin issues.   this all happens thanks to lowering cortisol levels, improving cellular processes and balancing hormones. everyone loves watermelon - well most people we think. 

apple cider vinegar  goodie for toners.  the composition of the vinegar can help with eczema, acne  and help with fine lines and make your skin appear brighter. 

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