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5 Spring Skincare Tips for Teens

5 Spring Skincare Tips for Teens

We love spring - it may sound a bit cheesy, but it really does put a spring in your step.   It is a good time to think about what you can do to help your skin glow after the winter months. 
Here are 5 skincare tips:
1/ Exfoliate - it will help get rid of skin buildup and improve skin texture and appearance and will hopefully reduce your chances of a breakout.   
Our Pink Clay Mask can be used as an exfoliator - just add 1 tsp of the clay mask powder with a little water, apply to your skin in the shower, massage and then wash off. Your skin will feel amazing!
2/ Sunscreen - make sure you start applying a good sunscreen when you are outside (you should really do it year around in the NZ sun).  We love My Sunshine and Skinnies. Both natural and work great for our family. 
3/ Drink water - now it is getting warmer you will start to feel like drinking more water.  
4/ Moisturise - often teens with pimples will avoid moisturising but it is super important. You need a moisturiser that is good quality and will not clog your pores.  Our Gel Moisturiser is a winner and will help clear and heal your skin (it has amazing plant powered ingreidents like manuka) 
5/ Spring clean your make-up accessories - they can gather dust and bacteria that will go onto your skin (ekkk).  If you use make-up brushes then gently wash with a natural cleanser, rinse thoroughly in lukewarm water until the water runs clear, squeeze out excess water and then lay them flat to dry for 24 hours.

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