Holy Moly, we love tween and teen natural skincare Holy Moly, we love tween and teen natural skincare

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Billie NZ - Review by Emelia Reid

Billie NZ - Review by Emelia Reid

Skincare review: Holy Moly.

Sixteen year-old Billie babe, Emelia, trials the teen skincare range from Holy Moly.

I’m always on the look-out for new health and beauty products to try, so I was really excited when skincare brand Holy Moly offered me some of their best-selling products to trial.

Holy Moly is a natural skincare range, made in New Zealand especially for teens, using plant-powered ingredients like manuka honey and kawakawa. Holy Moly are also environmentally conscious and are trying their best to use sustainable and recyclable packaging, such as glass. Their packaging consists of super cute, fun, and gender-neutral colours. 

My daily routine during the month I trialled Holy Moly included using the everyday face wash, gel moisturiser, and spot oil.

I have dry skin, so I don’t tend to get acne or breakouts very often. When I do get breakouts it takes a while for them to go away, but I found with the spot oil from Holy Moly, it eliminated my spots almost overnight!

I found the face wash/cleanser had a jelly-like texture/consistency and a natural smell, its ingredients include manuka honey, tea tree, kawakawa, and watermelon seed oil. The cleanser left my face feeling extremely soft and refreshed. 

Next I tried the cream moisturiser, I found it felt slightly heavy on my face, but this could be because I underestimated how fast it came out of the bottle! The cream moisturiser left my skin very soft, and not too greasy, however I personally preferred the gel moisturiser.  The gel moisturiser felt very moisturising and made my skin feel smooth and soft. 

Every night before I went to sleep, I applied a few drops of the spot oil to my fingers and lightly placed it on my spots. The spot oil felt lightweight and natural on my face, and it was easy and fast to apply which made it convenient. Hemp seed, rosehip, jojoba, manuka, and tea-tree oil were some of the natural super-ingredients included in the oil. It definitely cleared up my spots and wasn’t harsh on my skin.  

Overall, I found the Holy Moly skincare brand very good and I noticed many stunning changes in my skin. I will definitely continue using this brand, and recommend it to my friends as it is affordable, and works well for different types of skin. 

- Billie babe Emelia xox

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