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Ways to Feel Great for Teens

Ways to Feel Great for Teens

Life is a journey and sometimes it is good to have a check-in and see what you need to reset.  You can be responsible for lots of things that can help you be healthier and happier. 

Here are a few quick tips:

  1. Exercise regularly, eat a healthy diet and hydrate (teens need to drink 7 glasses a day).
  2. Be in charge of getting enough sleep (it really will make you feel better).
  3. Hang out with your friends and family. Togetherness is a good thing.
  4. Take some time out to chill - try reading vs being on your screen. 
  5. Get involved with things that make you smile.  If you are into art then take time to draw or paint or if you are into sport make sure you play the games you like
  6. Give back to others. Go be kind.
  7. Be grateful and remember a good thank you goes a long way. 
  8. Earn your own $$. Get a job. You will love having dollars in your pocket. 

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