Holy Moly, we love tween and teen natural skincare Holy Moly, we love tween and teen natural skincare

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Best Teen Skincare Pack

Best Teen Skincare Pack

It is a big statement we know but we really do believe we have the best teen skincare pack.  The Holy Moly Awesome Three has key products (facewash, toner and moistoriser gel) that make it super easy to use for tweens and teens.  We all want our kids to have healthy and glowing skin not pimples and reddness.  This is one of the reasons we started Holy Moly and why we think your tween or teen will love Holy Moly. 

Here is why our three pack combo is a winner

1/ They work together

The three key products in the pack - facewash, toner and moisturiser gel - all work together.  They like each other :-)  They are happy as a one but prefer to be a three. We've tried to make it super simple for tweens and teens to use and understand.  Often teens will go with just the face wash (which is awesome) but the results will be soooo much better when all three are used together.
2/ Ingredients Count
All our products use natural ingredients that count, like Manuka, Kawakawa, Tea Tree, Aloe Vera and so much more.  The plant powered ingredients have been chosen to help tween and teen skin with their anti inflammatory and healing properties.  PS: Holy Moly Products don't have Aqua at the start of our ingredients list (we have loads of awesome ingredients that do great things so no need to fill it with water - oh I mean Aqua to sound flash dash).  
3/ Tween and Teen Focused
We don't pretend to be everything to everyone.  Tweens and teens are a pretty specific bunch as their skin and bodies change over this time. We believe the formulas help tweens and teens skin needs.

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