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Courage to be Courageous

Courage to be Courageous

Giving your teen the courage to be courageous is a skill we're trying to teach our teens and one that takes daily practice especially in our own lives.
For us, launching our natural teen skincare brand took over two years of working, talking and inching closer and closer to the day we decided to just take the leap and push 'publish' on our website. It took a lot of courage to be courageous. 
Seeing the pride that my kids have in what we're trying to do, and showing them in a very real way that they can have control on their future is important.
So if you're wondering whether to do or try something a little outside your comfort zone, we say 'just do it'. Life is ready and waiting to catch you.
Here are steps to building courage in your child, teen or yourself:
  1. brave people don't always feel brave inside
  2. affirm your child or your own bravery
  3. give permission to “mess up.” Nothing breeds timidity like a fear of failure
  4. try new things
  5. set a good example
  6. make her own decisions
  7. learn the art of positive self-talk
  8. understand that it’s never too late to change an outcome

These helpful steps were found on www.psy-ed.com/wpblog/child-courage/

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