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Let's Compare

Let's Compare

Mask vs Exfoliator? Unsure? Let us help you out.  The best thing is that the Holy Moly Clay Mask powder can be used for both (how good is that!)

The first difference is the application.  For the mask you will need to wash your face, apply the clay mask and leave it on for approx. 20 mins until your skin absorbs its nutrients and benefits then wash off vs. the exfoliator is applied after washing and then you use a circular motion to remove dead cells, without the need to wait.  The exfoliator will help renew and create new cells and unclog pores.

The next difference is how you make it.  For the mask just follow the instructions on the jar – it is super easy just add a dollop of yogurt or a touch of your fav oil or water to 1tsp powder vs. the exfoliator option you need to add a tiny bit of water to make into a rough paste. 

Another difference or note is how often you use them.  The clay mask is best once a week or when you notice excess oil, dryness or blemishes.  While your exfoliator can be part of your general skincare routine.

If you are going to do one vs. the other – masks win over the exfoliator for results. It is just good to know you can use our Holy Moly Pink Clay Mask for both.

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